Getting familiar with UI and UX

What is UI or “User Interface” design?

The term UI usually is a shorthand annotation for “User Experience” design. From a designer's perspective, UI is the layout for an interactive medium, some examples of UI are social media applications, all the webpages, video game menu, and so on. The end goal from the designer’s end to make sure that the interface of the medium is easy to interpret and also has a small learning curve for any sort of user. The duty of a UI doesn’t end there, this can extend to choosing color schemes/palettes, using various different fonts and icons. Keeping the aesthetic of the project clean and easy learning project is the main goal of the UI designer.

What is UX or “User Experience” Design?

The term UX usually is a shorthand annotation for a “User Experience” design. This kind of design's main objective is to figure out how a user feels/ what is the user experiencing while interacting with any medium. Thus the job of a UX designer is to see how the user feels while working with a digital medium. A UX designer determines the functionality or the working of an application and how the entire experience can be molded together to give the user a seamless experience.

UI and UX together:

This is not at all common that people from both disciplines work together as a team. Harmony between the two collectives can provide some excellent experiences in design. Therefore if one fails there will be a vacuum in the design. One medium can decide the perfect aesthetic for the project whereas the other can help to make that experience even better by deciding the flow of the project.

A student learning UI/UX design. Sharing what I've learnt during my journey of the courses.